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First Source Consulting exists to help businesses succeed. This mission drives us to make the world a better place for you and for ourselves. Everything else is secondary. Living up to our potential is our passion and our First Source of energy and motivation. We strive to represent this passion in everything we do, from active training and performance evaluations to project management

At First Source, we believe in the potential of women and men equally. We believe diversity breeds understanding and understanding breeds better business results. A single question links every business encounter with a possible solution: Why do people act the way they do?

We use our outside perspective to look at individual behaviors, tendencies, competencies, and skills. Our active training sessions have been shown to improve communication and productivity while shaping your company’s culture and work environment. We help your people solve workplace issues and ultimately, help you employ and retain the right people.

To us, this is Organizational Development. We facilitate the development of your people, your human capital, in order to impact the progression of goals within your organization.

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Emily Rogers

The most popular question asked of Emily is why she chose to study and work in organization development. Having travelled since the age of two, her numerous international journeys and adventures sparked her interest in and awareness of people. Spending countless hours in international airports “people watching”, experiencing fascinating cultures and customs, and serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Emily developed a passion to help and better comprehend people in the world of work. She is especially captivated in understanding why people act the way they act in the workplace and is determined to provide people with creative ways of improving their workplace relationships. Emily whole-heartedly believes that all jobs are important. She has a distinct manner of observing and analyzing individual jobs, teams, departments and workplaces and recommending appropriate solutions.

Ms. Rogers is responsible for overall business development of First Source Consulting and also works as an independent project consultant on state and local government contracts where she provides training, project management, and program support. She knows the power of workplace and employee assessments and desires to share organization development tools and practices in each of her engagements.

Her professional skills and strengths include managing cross-functional and internal work teams, data collection and field interviewing, survey design and implementation, performing organizational assessments and delivering briefings and presentations. She is skilled in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Power Point, MS Outlook, MS Access, MS Visio, Adobe Professional, Mindjet/MindManager Pro, SmartDraw and many other online and desktop software applications.

Ms. Rogers achieved a certification in organization development and in 2015 she became an Everything DiSC Certified Trainer and Authorized Partner. She received her master’s degree in Public Policy and International Development from Rutgers University-Camden and her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Bennett College.

When she is not consulting, Emily can be found attending professional development conferences or networking events. She is also involved in many professional, community and nonprofit groups and serves on several local board executive committees.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family, volunteering in the community, acting in stage plays, playing tennis, oil painting, travelling and learning new sports such as golf and cycling. Emily has lived in Tampa, Florida for 23 years and now calls Tampa “home.”