First Source consultants and independent contractors are focused on helping. We help companies gain insights into the root causes of employee behavior, we improve organizational communication, improve productivity and ultimately, improve your culture. We also help families repair, rebuild and remodel. Our core consulting solutions include the following:

Specialized Tax Incentives

Our tax incentive services are 100% Contingency Based! There’s no cost to you unless we discover a tax benefit for your business. At First Source, we understand the importance of creating cost centers to grow your business and we accomplish this by searching and locating specialized tax incentives. We work with an experienced team of attorneys, cost segregation engineers and other professionals who have secured tax incentives for businesses for 30 tax seasons!  These incentives include but are not limited to: Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), Cost Segregation Studies for commercial and private property owners (Cost Seg.) and Research and Development (R&D) credits and more! Schedule a consultation to learn more about our tax incentive services.


Employee Assessments

Employee and workplace assessments improve relationships by revealing the motivation behind certain behaviors. Ask us about Everything DiSC, skill, sales, management and pre-hiring assessments.


Survey Design

Contact us about developing and implementing professional workplace surveys. Once administered, we provide in-depth reports of the results and work with you to implement the appropriate next steps.


Meeting Facilitation

Meetings are necessary to make important announcements, ensure business goals are on track and get valuable work done. If you dread these meetings, contact First Source Consulting. We can provide resourceful advice for leading meetings people actually want to attend.



Compliance Reporting

First Source consultants are trained and certified in supporting contractor compliance requirements and HUD Davis-Bacon wage reporting requirements. Ask us about how we can support your contract compliance requirements.


Government Contracting & Teaming

Small business teaming and subcontracting opportunities are vital to the success and endurance of First Source Consulting. Contact us to discuss teaming and subcontracting opportunities.