At First Source, we use our outside perspective to provide workplace assessments to evaluate individual behaviors, tendencies, competencies, and skills. A single question links every business encounter with a possible solution: Why do people act the way they do?  Providing management and employee assessments helps us to accurately facilitate and guide the development of your people. In order to help your organization better achieve its goals, First Source will:

I. Collect data and have it professionally evaluated.

II. Develop and administer professional assessments and surveys.

III. Deliver customized professional development modules using active training techniques.

IV. Contribute our data and knowledge to enhance best practices in our industry.

V. Attend professional development events and apply what we learn.

VI. Pursue teaming agreements with skilled independent consultants, women-owned and disadvantaged businesses, large corporations and government entities.

Close-up of hands of boss at workplace with laptop and hands of two females near by