The mission of First Source Consulting, LLC is to engage with and add value to the public and private sectors by offering performance appraisal tools that connect and solutions that sustain.

Core Values

Our core values help us make balanced decisions keep and leave people and workplaces better than we found them. We are:

  • Principled; ethical and confidential.
  • Unbiased; impartial and open-minded.
  • Reliable; accountable and involved.
  • Engaged; affirming and acute listeners.


At First Source, we aspire to sustain communities and the families who live and work within them. We pursue and achieve our aspirations by encouraging organizations to cultivate better-quality workforces through employment testing, employee satisfaction surveys, and other performance appraisal tools.

We support small and women-owned businesses, government entities and select large corporations through deliberate teaming, mentoring, networking, purchasing and subcontracting. All of our efforts are aimed to influence our nation’s economy at the local, state, regional and national levels. We also know that women are significant contributors to our nation’s economy and we aspire to increase the rate of growth and revenues of woman-owned businesses.

What We Do

We specialize in Enhancing Communication, Improving Productivity and Assessing Workplace Culture/Environment for the private and public sectors.

We evaluate the various dimensions of workplace behavior. We approach issues by applying best practices in organization development and project management. Our performance appraisal tools–used both before, during, and after employment–improve organizational communication, productivity and company culture.

Core Consulting Solutions

Why do people act the way they do in the workplace? At First Source Consulting, we get it! We have observed thousands of people in a multitude of work scenarios. Our sole focus is understanding your people and improving workplace interactions. Your voice and the voices of the people you employ are valuable. We want what YOU want—improvement.

We listen to you and we listen carefully. Our perspective on performance appraisal issues helps you solve workplace conflicts, improve communication, enhance individual engagement, and employ and retain the right people. What we do helps you achieve more. We add value by focusing on your people with an outside perspective, and accurately facilitating and guiding their development.


Why First Source? Because First Source safeguards your time. When you are being pulled in multiple directions, First Source’s team of independent consultants affords you (and your team) to focus on your roles. Through our employment satisfaction surveys, we listen to you and your employees carefully, offer unbiased, professional recommendations, and focus our time on improving organizational results. We help you achieve your goals.

Why First Source? Because First Source adds value. We follow a proven and clear-cut framework of practical key processes. Invest in your most valuable resources–your people by connecting them with the right tools and creating the right solutions.

What to Expect

Once you contact us, we’ll schedule a confidential, unbiased conversation to discuss your business needs and the consulting approaches we use. What follows is another conversation about expectations, data collection, reviews and a presentation of proposed performance appraisal recommendations.

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